Sharing is Powering

Your own public charging station

A public charging station on your private property? Why?
At the end it is a win win for all of us. 
The atmosphere included ! We make investing in EV Charging Stations possible & affordable for you.
You can share your charging station with the publicity and benefit especially as a company of it.

Want to be a part of the public charging infrastructure?

Great! Let’s tackle it together.
People living in urban enviroment do not have the possibility to install wallboxes at their homes.
cocharge makes it easier for your community to make the transition to electric mobility and also gain profit in long term.

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*cocharge gets 15% comission


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* Depending on charged KWh

Share your charging station

cocharge energizes electromobility! The expansion of the public charging infrastructure is complicated and inefficent. Public charging stations are expensive and ran by a few companies. So here we are with our innovative concept.
It gives you the opportunity to save time and money by sharing your charging station and generate constant profits.
Make an impapct to a sustainable future – it has never been this easy!

öffentliche Ladestation auf Privatgrundstück mit der cocharge App

Your benefits

How cocharge works

Having an EV charging station right in front of your company?
We can make it happen. You and your business benefit from it in many different ways. Make your own charging station accessable to your employees, customers and other public drivers with the cocharge app and gain some extra profit. Manage your charging station comfortably: You define your prices and reservation options.
You have the control over the charging points!

Download the APP now!

With the cocharge app, you have an overview of all free charging stations in your area and can manage your own charging station.